Dope A** NFTs

AngelBlock NFTs are a collection of 6,900 unique
and programmatically generated NFTs with vastly
varying traits, attributes, and rarity.

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AngelBlock NFT Utility

NFT holders will get access to:

Full IP Ownership

Access to AngelBlock events & Hackathons

Bonuses for community members, investors & startups on AngelBlock.io

Verified PFP on AngelBlock.io

NFT Staking for $THOL

Merch Drops for NFT holders


When is the mint date & what’s the price?

The AngelBlock NFT mint will start on Tue, May 24th - 16:00 GMT. Each AngelBlock NFT will be mintable for 0,069 ETH. Each user will be able to mint a max of 10 NFTs per wallet.

When will I get my AngelBlock after the mint?

You will receive the pre-reveal token immediately after your transaction goes through on the Ethereum blockchain. This token will be viewable in your wallet and platforms such as LooksRare or OpenSea. The reveal of your AngelBlock NFT will occur a few days after the mint ends.

Which blockchain will these be on?

AngelBlock NFTs are only available on the Ethereum blockchain.

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